Through a partnership with Brazilian native Marconi Albuquergue and his company Oceania Group, Moa is experiencing recent growth in one of the most exciting growth economies in the world – Brazil.
Thanks in large part to two high end supermarket accounts; Moa has sent four (20ft) containers to Brazil since end of May this year. One has landed, with three more on the water. This equates to some 200,000 bottles to Brazil since linking up with Albuquergue.
High end supermarkets Zona Sul and Super Prix chains are driving retail sales and while hot bar spots Escondido Pub Copacabana and Delirium Cafe Ipanema in the famous neighbourhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are selling the brew on tap.
“It was in New Zealand I discovered Moa. On return to Brazil, I was blown away with the move toward craft beer. Brazil has a fascination with New Zealand, with so few New Zealand brands in Brazil. I saw the opportunity — and specifically with Moa given craft is, like other countries, performing impressively here,” said Albuquergue.
Brazil has a rapidly developing taste for craft beer – with Brazil driving a 63.9 per cent growth in volumes for the US alone. It is also the seventh largest economy by nominal GDP in the world as of 2015.
Moa will be the exclusive beer sponsor of the NZ Olympic team and will be served at ‘New Zealand Club’ in the Sheraton Hotel close to the beach in Rio.
“Kiwi house in London was a great success 3 years ago. So we are very much looking forward to being in Rio next year.  We are more advanced this time, with distribution, on and off premise accounts in place already. Plus of course a great experience for visitors to the pool bar at kiwi house close to the beach,” says Geoff Ross, Moa Brewing Company’s CEO.