Avalanche Coffee’s 99% sugar-free drinking chocolate has sold out in supermarkets across Australia overnight after a popular social media influencer posted about the product on her page.

Kristin Fisher, who runs a successful eyebrow sculpting business and has 31,000 Instagram followers posted her endorsement of the product. In her post which featured an image of the 99% sugar-free drinking chocolate Fisher said; “I feel like I owe this to my people. This needs to be on my feed. We need to know what is going on with @avalanchecoffee.”

Paul Tobin and Stefan Marusich who own Avalanche Coffee said they had no prior connection with Fisher and were completely surprised to see the product selling out overnight on supermarket shelves around Australia.

“We understand one of the supermarket customers has taken a particular liking to our sugar-free drinking chocolate and innocently posted her endorsement to her followers. The next day we started getting a wave of new orders from dozens of Woolworths and Coles supermarkets wanting to replenish their stocks. We are told customers have been going in and buying up any stock that is left then posting this to their own pages which is contributing to the demand. The viral success of the post has been picked up by Australian news media which is adding to the shortages,” said Tobin.

Tobin said they are working overtime to keep up with the Australian demand and have been sending air freight shipments every day since the post went live.