Frozen Vegetables During Times Of Inflation

Watties, Frozen Spinach,

With fresh fruit and vegetables becoming increasingly more expensive (up 22 percent in the year to June 2023), Wattie’s has recognised that having a reliable source of fruit and vegetables is front of mind for most Kiwis.

Enter the humble frozen vegetable.

A recent survey from Wattie’s has identified that more than 60 percent of Kiwis are considering buying more frozen vegetables due to the growing cost of fresh produce.

“Despite this, people want to make vibrant and home-prepared meals for themselves and their families. Using Wattie’s frozen vegetables is a great way to do that. They are super versatile and can be used in many different dishes, no matter the season. If you’re stuck for ideas, The Food in a Minute website is a great source of inspiration,” said Wattie’s Head of Marketing, Ready Meals, Justine Powell.

With shoppers feeling the pinch at the supermarket, Kiwi consumption of vegetables often suffers as a result as household shoppers look for the most cost-friendly options to feed their families, mainly when vegetables are out of season, they are either unavailable or more expensive.

However, Watties believes that out of season shouldn’t mean out of luck. To support Kiwis shoppers who are buying more frozen vegetables, the team at Wattie’s has developed some tips for adding the convenience of more frozen vegetables to meals and keeping meals colourful and vibrant, helping Kiwis meet their five servings of vegetables a day with the help of frozen vegetables.

The manufacturers suggest customers sauté Wattie’s Free Flow Spinach with a dash of olive oil, herbs and spices as a side dish or use the Wattie’s Vegetable Mix as a base for a fragrant curry, adding in your choice of a protein source.

Watties continued that customers could fry Wattie’s Baby Carrots and Whole Baby Beans with butter and garlic for a delicious side dish and that New Zealand's Favourite Garden Peas can be a base for delicious cakes.

“And always remember to cook to packet instructions to get the best taste, quality and nutritional value from your vegetables,” said a spokesperson for Watties.