Master Chef at Home with New World

MasterChef New Zealand and New World Team Up to provide Kiwis with great new meal kits

New World is the premium sponsor of Three’s MasterChef New Zealand, and the two have worked together to produce an exciting way for Kiwis to become masters in their own Kitchen.

The pantry at the MasterChef Headquarters is currently stocked with cooking staples and seasonal produce from New World. Outside of the show, MasterChef has worked with New World to provide a limited edition range of meal kits. 

“Watching MasterChef New Zealand contestants create amazing dishes on the show is always so inspiring, and New World wants everyone to be able to enjoy the little thrills of being a master chef in their own way, in their own homes.” Said Pippa Prain, New World Head of Marketing and Customer Experience.

The master chef-inspired meal kits will be a part of New Worlds' already popular Simply Dinner Kit range. It also includes an exciting Recipe of The Week calendar and a seasonal Pick of the Week available from the New World produce departments. 

“Every meal kit has been carefully crafted to contain high-quality fresh ingredients, an easy-to-follow recipe that takes around 40 minutes or less to cook from scratch and, most importantly, is affordable.”

Meal kits are $30 for four servings and favour ingredient flexibility. This means customers can grab a kit during their regular shop and make the most of the meal when it suits them best.

“This season of MasterChef New Zealand is all about championing local produce and suppliers and that’s something we’re really proud of here at New World, so we’ve taken every opportunity to put seasonal produce in the spotlight with our customers too.

MasterChef New Zealand recently returned to screens after a seven-year break. It airs on Three every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening and is available on ThreeNow.