Monteith’s Dark Fruit Cider

Monteith’s has expanded its range of ciders with a new Dark Fruit Cider. The unique flavour contains blackcurrant, blackberry and plum atop a crushed apple base. The new drink is sure to be a hit amongst cider drinkers who are looking to shake their habits of apple and pear cider up a little bit.

Sean O’Donnell, marketing director at Monteith’s, said, “We added blackcurrant, blackberry and plum to our delicious 100 percent crushed apple cider to create a product that achieves new heights in easy-drinking refreshment. Dark fruit cider is a style that is growing in popularity globally, and within the domestic cider category berry is the second most popular flavour behind apple.”

David Sax, the chief cidermaker behind the Dark Fruits Cider, said, “The whole cidermaking team are excited with how this blend has turned out. It should really appeal to the discerning Monteith’s cider drinker who is looking for a vibrant fruit cider that isn’t too sweet.”