Multiple Tahina And Halawa Products Recalled


Multiple importers have recalled specific batches of Durra brand Tahina and Halawa products due to the possible presence of Salmonella.

Products included in the recall are Durra brand Tahina (400g, 800g, 18kg), Durra brand Halawa Plain (350g, 700g), Durra brand Halawa Pistachio (350g, 700g), Durra brand Halawa Extra Pistachio (350g, 700g). Of these products, the batches recalled having expiry dates between the 18th of December 2024 up to and including the 12th of February 2025.

recalled products by durra

Retailers of these products will need to display a recall notice of these products for one month, and customers who have bought these products can return them to their retailer for a full refund.

Currently, there have been no reports of associated illness in New Zealand. However, customers are encouraged to seek medical advice and attention if these products have been consumed and customers are concerned for their health.