Nespresso’s New Cold Brew Style Intense For Vertuo

This season, Nespresso introduces its first ever cold brew style coffee capsule – Cold Brew Style Intense for Vertuo, a reimagined cold brew coffee with a smooth, bold, and silky texture and boasting sweet-caramel notes for an unforgettable taste.

Allowing New Zealanders to create the popular coffee experience at home in just a few minutes, this innovation is the ultimate way to embark on a coffee journey and find a new morning ritual. 

Cold brew coffee traditionally takes several hours to craft. With Nespresso’s Vertuo system, brewing starts with the bloom stage, which is vital to developing the body and delicate aromas. The brewing then continues with cool water to remove bitterness and keep the coffee balanced. 

The innovative Vertuo system also includes a sustainably made Vertuo Pop, a barcode reading technology that automatically adjusts water temperature and flow levels to create a perfect brew.