New Hypoallergenic Dog Roll Hits Shelves

New possum-based hypoallergenic dog roll hitting supermarket shelves

A new hypoallergenic dog roll has begun hitting supermarket shelves this month, providing a premium beef-free option for dogs that suffer from food allergies.

The new Field and Forest Hypoallergenic dog roll is made with nutrient-rich possum meat, which is blended with chicken and lamb for added flavour.

Fond Foods General Manager Clint Bolderston said the special formulation made it ideal for canines that suffered allergic reactions to the two most common food allergens for dogs – beef and dairy.

Around 36 per cent of allergic reactions in dogs are caused by beef, and 28 per cent by dairy, according to the Food Allergies in Dogs and Cats: A Review study conducted by academics from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium.

“Most dogs do just fine on a broad range of foods, but like their human friends, some suffer from allergies. We’re expecting this new beef-free option to be the meal of choice for the most sensitive and discerning of new-age pooches,” Bolderston said.

Field and Forest Hypoallergenic will be one of the first hypoallergenic dog roll options to make it into the grocery isle when it debuts at Countdown supermarkets across the country this month.

It has previously been stocked by a handful of pet stores and veterinarians but increasing consumer demand for premium dog food products will now see it hit the mainstream."

“The pet food market in New Zealand has matured and we’re seeing growing demand for higher quality, more premium feeds in the grocery aisle. There are very few hypoallergenic options for on supermarket shelves so Field and Forest Hypoallergenic fills a real gap.”

Possum meat is high in Omega 3 and 6 for skin, coat and joint health.
The possum meat that goes into Field and Forest Hypoallergenic is trapped or shot by registered hunters who only hunt on TB-free land where no poison has been dropped. It is then thoroughly tested and inspected at MPI accredited processing facilities before arriving at Fond Food’s factory,

Field and Forest Hypoallergenic dog rolls are made daily and cooked in their casing, sealing in the goodness without the emulsification or hydration processes employed by some other manufacturers. This avoids the need for refrigeration andkeeps the water content low, allowing more nutrition to be packed into every bite and ensuring dogs get more feeds from each roll.

Fond Foods is a wholly New Zealand-owned company. In addition to Field and Forest Hypoallergenic, it also manufactures dried dog treats and the well-known Possyum and Superior Chunky ranges. The business is continuing to grow and now employs 38 people at its Paeroa plant, providing more than 3,500,000 kg of dog food per year for domestic and international markets.