PAK’nSAVE’s Streamlines the Shopping Experience with the Rollout of SHOP’nGO

The PAK’nSAVE shopping experience is set to become more convenient, technology-based, and seamless at PAK’nSAVE South Island stores. Following the successful trial of Shop’nGO at PAK’nSAVE Wainoni, the innovative SHOP’nGO personal shopping device solution is rolling out to PAK’nSAVE South Island stores throughout the rest of 2020.

PAK’nSAVE Queenstown are one of the many South Island PAK’nSAVE stores going live this year, with the store having gone live on the August 3.

“Our new SHOP’nGO offering is designed to help our customers budget and save time in-store. Customers simply pick up a SHOP’nGO device at the entrance, scan their groceries while they shop, pack their groceries directly into their reusable bags and then head to the designated SHOP’nGO self-checkout. We’re excited to see how we can further develop new technologies in-store and what that looks like for our customers," said Anthony King owner operator of PAK’nSAVE Queenstown.

SHOP’nGO, which enables shoppers to scan their groceries as they shop in store, was originally trialled at PAK’nSAVE Wainoni in 2019, and the store is now processing 18% of all its sales through SHOP’nGO. The barcode technology gives customers a more convenient and personalised shopping solution speeding up their time spent in store.

“By leveraging new technologies which enable our customers to have a more seamless experience in store, we are able to refine the overall PAK’nSAVE shopping experience. The customer feedback following the SHOP’nGO trial at PAK’nSAVE Wainoni has been very positive and we’re excited to offer the SHOP’nGO solution at more stores for more customers to use and enjoy," said Justin Waddell, PAK’nSAVE Group Manager for Foodstuffs South Island.

SHOP’nGO is a barcode-scanning tool designed for customers to scan their products as they go about their supermarket shop. By scanning each product, customers can see a running total of how much they have spent giving them more control over monitoring their budget in store. SHOP’nGO also speeds up the time spent at checkout: Customers simply scan a QR code on their SHOP’nGO screen at the designated SHOP’nGO self-checkout lanes, prompting payment at the EFTPOS terminal. With SHOP’nGO, there is no unloading or loading groceries onto the conveyor belt or back into the trolley. Customers can simply pack their groceries into their reusable bags in their trolley as they shop, pay and go.

To be able to use the SHOP’nGO devices, customers will first need to pick up a Sticky Club card in-store and register with the Sticky Club loyalty programme. Once customers are signed up with Sticky Club, they can use SHOP’nGO at all participating PAK’nSAVE stores.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, new customers formed new habits as trips to the supermarket became intentional and scratch cooking became the new normal. In a recent Foodstuffs-commissioned customer survey, 58% of New Zealanders said they wanted to shop less frequently and purchase more each time they went to the supermarket. New Zealanders also want to hold their shopping lists and budgets more accountable with 70% of survey respondents saying they still stick to a shopping list moving forward.

“Our hope is that SHOP’nGO will improve PAK’nSAVE South Island customers’ shopping experience and give them that much more control on tracking their budget when they shop with us,” finished Waddell.