Bread Tags for Wheelchairs began in South Africa in 2006. The purpose was to collect bread tags and sell them to a plastic company, Zibo, who buys a small amount per kilo and recycles them into seedling trays. The proceeds are then used to provide wheelchairs to those in need, currently, 500kg of tags are collected monthly which funds around three wheelchairs.

Australia has also taken part in this initiative, in August 2018 they set up the Aussie arm of Bread Tags for Wheelchairs and were able to promote the cause and increase the collection. In February 2019, Australian recycler, Transmutation – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle purchased the first batch of tags that were collected. Some of the tags were recycled in Australia and others were sent to South Africa. “Our aim is to have all Aussie tags recycled here, with just the funds remitted to South Africa to buy wheelchairs.”

Everyone is encouraged to collect bread tags at home, school and work to donate for recycling. Not only is collecting bread tags saving the environment and stopping unnecessary rubbish from entering the landfill but it is also helping people get wheelchairs.

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