Sacred Hill Strikes Again

Sacred Hill Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2018 gold medal winner at the NWWA

The New World Wine Awards saw Chardonnay soar to the top of shoppers’ lists once again, and one winner is a great option for discerning shoppers. Sacred Hill’s Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay was a Gold Medal winner at the awards, and gained a place on the Top 50 wine list cementing its place as a consumer and expert favourite.

The 2018 New World Wine Awards were judged by a panel of 17 experts, and headed by experience wine consultant Jim Harré. Harré stated that the Chardonnay category was very strong this year – this is reflected in the disproportionately large number of winning Chardonnays versus other varietals.

Nearly 200 producers and 1,250 wines competed for a Top 50 spot, and Sacred Hill’s oaky Chardonnay will be available in 135 New World stores across the country. The wine won a Gold Medal thanks to its complex citrus and vanilla notes.

“This wine is the essence of the Rifleman’s Vineyard,” said Sacred Hill’s Hawke’s Bay Winemaker, Jack Cornes. “ We’ve been making wine from this extraordinary vineyard for 30 years and feel very proud when we’re able to produce outstanding wines year after year.”

All wines in the New World Wine Awards are valued at $25 or less, meaning Gold Medal winners are top drops for most shoppers – not just those looking for premium products.