Share a Grin

Grin Natural is leading the fight against tooth decay with the announcement of its new campaign ‘Share A Grin.’

Grin Natural is leading the fight against tooth decay with the announcement of its new campaign ‘Share A Grin.’ Tooth decay is Australia’s most common yet preventable chronic disease and 50 percent of children under 6 years old suffer from it. Grin’s campaign will see up to 100,000 biodegradable toothbrushes donated to families in need across Australia to combat the decaying problem.

From today through to the end of August 2022, for every Grin Natural Product purchased at Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths across Australia, Grin will donate an eco-friendly toothbrush to an Aussie child most in need. The ‘buy one, give one’ promotion will run nationally both in-store and online. 

“The health of myself and my children is my number one priority, and when we think about overall health, we have to consider our oral care as it’s such a huge contributor to our daily lives. I’m so proud to partner with Grin Natural, and to join forces with Chemist Warehouse and Good360 on this campaign as I strongly believe everyone, no matter what background should have access to basic oral care to help avoid such a preventable disease.” Said Grin ambassador, athlete, mum and doctor, Jana Pittman. 

The campaign will also see a partnership between Grin Natural and Good360 Australia, which will be distributing toothbrush donations. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Grin Natural as the official charity partner for this extremely important campaign. As a Not for Profit, Good360 Australia’s mission is to match brand new goods donated by businesses such as Grin Natural, to people in need across Australia, via our network of over 3,000 member charities and disadvantaged schools, helping to provide dignity and equality to all, no matter their socio-economic status.” Said Founder and Managing Director of Good360, Alison Covington.

The campaign hopes to stress the importance of maintaining good oral care in adults and children. Because “When you share a grin, you share a connection.” Said Grin Natural Founder and CEO Tara Tan.