Shoppers Welcome New Savvy Way to Shop as Concerns Over Economy Grow

As the pressure comes on household budgets to stretch further this winter, New Zealanders have been choosing New World Dollars as their Flybuys reward currency as the latest savvy way to shop at the supermarket.

Since Flybuys introduced the option for members to be rewarded with Flybuys Points, extra fuel discounts from Z and Caltex, or New World Dollars, thousands of Kiwis have chosen New World Dollars as their preferred reward.

It’s no wonder, a survey recently carried out by Foodstuffs revealed 82% of respondents were worried about the economy and 58% about their own personal finances.

“It’s a really good time to be putting money back into New Zealanders’ wallets,” said Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs New Zealand.  “Shoppers are looking to get the best value they possibly can right now, and we’re delighted we can contribute through the introduction of New World Dollars with Flybuys.  We want Kiwis to know we’ve got their backs.”

New World Dollars are like real dollars loaded onto a Flybuys earning New World Clubcard and can be swiped and used as a form of payment at New World stores across the country.

When asked about their motivations to use their New World Clubcard, saving money came out top, closely followed by exclusive New World Club Deals - and rewards like Flybuys and Airpoints came a close 3rd.  12% of respondents said they used their New World Clubcard specifically so they could meet their household budget.

Over the past seven years, 1.6 million New Zealanders have been rewarded through their New World Clubcard. Smashing the long-held myth that Millennials and Gen Z customers like to splash out on themselves, a closer look at New World Clubcard shopping behaviour revealed they’re more inclined to shop the specials than their Baby Boomer and Silent Generation counterparts.

New World Clubcard customers also like to scan to go in the draw to win a range of different prizes. To date 6,000 New World Clubcard members have won a total of $900,000 worth of prizes.