Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Latest Addition to Ecostore Hair Care Range

Ecostore is pleased to announce the addition of solid shampoo and conditioner bars to its popular and naturally derived hair care line.

The hair care bars are made from plant and mineral based ingredients, are mild pH - making them ideal for hair and scalp, are 100% soap-free, and made with naturally derived fragrances. The hair care bars are vegan and certified cruelty-free and provide approximately 60 washes per bar. 

The hair care bars are packaged in cardboard so when finished, customers can just pop it into their recycling bin. No plastic bottle – just concentrated, hair loving ingredients to the bottom of the bar. 

Ecostore shampoo bars are made to gently cleanse and nourish in three unique formulas: Normal Hydrating, Dry & Damaged, and Volumising, and the conditioner bar is Nourishing for all hair types. 

Ecostore’s research and development manager Huia Iti said their customers have been asking for solid haircare bars for some time, but the delay was due to ecostore ensuring the formulation was exactly right.

“I’m excited to say we’ve achieved that, and the reviews so far have been glowing. We wanted to be able to offer our customers natural hair care without the plastic bottle, using the latest technology and the triple-milled process so they last longer and have a higher quality to them. Our natural haircare bars feel smooth and provide a beautiful, creamy lather giving a luxurious sense of quality, without the plastic bottle.” 

Ecostore’s move to offer solid shampoo and conditioner hair care bars demonstrates the Kiwi owned company’s absolute commitment to the environment.

Earlier this month ecostore announced it had developed New Zealand’s first comprehensive closed loop system to take responsibility for their plastic household and personal care bottles. Called the ecostore Plastic Return Programme, the sustainability leader will collect, (through a network of over 100 collection points through the country) process and remake their bottles, effectively using their plastic bottles over and over again.

Locally, the average New Zealand household uses 941 plastic containers or bottles a year, amounting to a staggering 1.76 billion plastic containers disposed of around the country annually. Right now, 39% of recyclable plastic across the board in New Zealand goes directly to landfill and much of the 61% that goes into the recycling system is sent overseas.

Jemma Whiten, ecostore sustainability manager said that every bottle that is returned through ecostore’s plastic return programme is one less bottle the country’s beleaguered recycling plants need to deal with.

“Combined with the introduction of the shampoo and conditioner hair care bars, that contain no plastic whatsoever, the potential to take millions of bottles out of the system in the near-term alone, is extremely exciting.”

The Normal Hydrating shampoo bar include hydrating Argan and Coconut oils to refresh and revive normal hair and to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth. The fragrance is fresh and clean with Apple, Jasmine and Vanilla.

The Dry and Damaged shampoo bar include Jojoba oil and Shea butter to nourish and strengthen dry and damaged hair and to leave hair feeling soft, smooth and healthy. The fragrance is warm and nutty with Pear and Cedarwood.

The Volumising shampoo bar includes Kale protein to strengthen hair and add volume to fine, flat or dull hair. The fragrance is an uplifting Sweet Orange and Green Apple.

The Nourishing conditioner bar includes Chia and Coconut oils to help smooth, protect and lock in vital moisture for all hair types. The fragrance is nourishing with Tropical Coconut leaving hair silky-smooth, healthy and shiny, without build-up.

Iti said that the bars are naturally derived from plant and mineral based ingredients and have a mild Ph like our skin, which prevents stripping of the hair’s natural oils and promotes strong healthy hair.

“They are made through a triple milled process to create a dense bar that provides luxurious foam and lather. They are easy to use and transfer onto hair. The conditioning bars leave hair soft, silky-smooth, and silicone free that doesn’t leave build up in the hair.

“Our solid shampoo bars are easy to use, and lather in the hair readily.  They contain naturally derived ingredients with excellent conditioning properties that help create soft silky-smooth hair without the silicone. The mild Ph formulation is ideal for hair and scalp whilst providing a silky texture that doesn’t leave build up. Glycerin naturally promotes strong healthy hair and retention of moisture.”

Ecostore hair care bars give customers beautifully healthy hair, without compromise – free from nasties like silicones, parabens, SLES and synthetic dyes or perfumes.