Maori Entrepreneur Teams Up With Well-Known Kiwi Condiment Maker

Barker's of Geraldine and Otautahi (Christchurch) restaurant Fush, have partnered to launch Kinaki Tomato (tomato sauce). When Barker's of Geraldine were approached by the fish and chip fanatics to create a magic kiwi due, it was an instant 'ae marika!' (for sure!).

It felt a natural move to make Barker's 'The Better New Zealand Tomato Sauce' even better by featuring te reo Maori on the label. To celebrate Maori Language Week 2020, Kinaki Tomato (simply translated to tomato sauce), is a proud partnership between the two Te Waipounamu (South Island) businesses.

Co-owner of Fush and staunch te reo Maori advocate, Anton Matthews said that they are thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with Barker's and bring te reo Maori into a space where it isn't normally seen.

"A big part of our kaupapa (purpose) at Fush is to find ways to normalise te reo Maori in our community, so when Aotearoa opens their fridge and sees the words 'Kinaki Tomato' it gets us really excited!" said Matthews.

The bilingual label of the less sugar, less salt sauce features useful phrases for the dinner table including 'te reka hoki! (that's delicious), along with food claims like 'witi kore' (gluten free) and a front label explaining 'these tomatoes were harvested in Aotearoa'. The label finishes with the words, 'Karawhiua' (give it a go) to encourage everyone to try a bit of te reo Maori.