As the winner of the Chilled/Short Shelf Life Award at the recent NZ Food Awards and as part of the third generation of family meat wholesalers, Cabernet Foods Ltd understands how traditional tastes were altered by efficiency seeking trends within the food industry. The centralised supply of the supermarket led to the demise of the corner butchery, and age-old methods were lost.

The beef processing industry adopted vacuum packaging (‘wet ageing’) to improve beef tenderness and extend shelf life. However, with the inherent nature of wet ageing, natural flavours are distorted due to the beef blood serum marinating muscle and fats. This, coupled with naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria growth, creates an unpleasant gaseous odour.

Since 2010, a noticeable trend has been developing across Europe and the Americas, the consumer demand for traditional ‘dry aged’ beef cuts is growing steadily. The practice of extended ‘dry ageing methods’ softens connective tissues resulting in meat tenderness, intensifying the fresh flavour of meat and fats. This combination brings back memories to what was previously customary and a succulent enlightened experience.

Cabernet Foods identified popular dry-aged beef cuts currently sold in the marketplace both in New Zealand and overseas and selected a range of beef cuts, including sirloin, scotch, ribeye cutlets ribs and brisket. The research took them overseas to source ideas and technology not available in New Zealand. The result was Everton Dry Aged Beef. Farm selected and carefully prepared to utilise unique dry-ageing methods, the natural flavours are intensified creating a succulent eating experience.

As ‘wholesalers’ providing a wide range of meat products the primary focus is servicing current demand, but more importantly for Cabernet Foods is introducing new and innovative products to the consumer via supermarkets. CAPTION: Brian and Lyndon Everton with the proud Cabernet Foods sales team.


From a tasty addition to any barbeque to the classic Christmas ham, Kiwis love to celebrate summer with the taste of pork, bacon and ham.

To help Kiwis enjoy the best local produce this summer, New Zealand Pork has developed a new ‘trustmark’ to identify the pork products that have been ‘Born and Raised in New Zealand’.

New Zealand Pork General Manager Sonya Matthews said, since launching mid-year, the new trustmark has been very well received by consumers and retailers alike.

“Kiwis love the taste of fresh New Zealand pork, bacon and ham, and see it as a really versatile food,” said Matthews. “They’re also very keen to ensure the fresh produce they buy is sourced from local farmers.

“That’s why our new Born and Raised in New Zealand labels, which highlight the freshness and quality of our pork products, and the care taken in producing them, have been so well received.”

“The label also provides independent verification that the farmed pigs were cared for under the requirements set by the PigCare programme.”

Developed by Massey University, with input from vets, farmers and the Ministry for Primary Industries, PigCare is a world-class accreditation programme focusing on the care, knowledge, expertise and experience of New Zealand pig farmers and their commitment to providing the best animal welfare for their pigs.

“As well as our new labelling, we’re also helping New Zealanders choose the best ways to prepare their pork – whether it is part of their weekly meal planning or to make the most of that special occasion,” said Matthews. “We’ve produced a wide range of new recipes, video guides and handy preparation tips – all available on our new-look website:”

Visit for dedicated retailer resources or for details of the PigCare accreditation programme.


Fresh herbs are a must-have to any cook and the secret ingredients to any great chefs but unfortunately, they were often considered as an after-thought displayed in hidden corners of supermarkets' fresh aisles.
That was before Superb Herb decided to tackle this, and thanks to a successful rebrand, Superb Herb fresh herbs are now one of the first produce you can spot in supermarkets.
The bold branding not only makes the packs pop out amongst other fruit and veggies but also let the herb be the hero, leaving a large clear space all around the herb foliage.
Its new look was also noticed overseas and was added on the Packaging of the World listing, one of the leading packaging design blogs on the internet.
In leading supermarkets, fresh herbs have also been given their very own display units, and Produce Managers take great care in keeping their stock fresh as consumers know that if the herbs look good then the rest of the produce will too.
Superb Herb keeps innovating and, in addition to fresh herbs, are now offering new Leafy Greens range starting with a fresh Kale and a fresh Cress, still growing in their pots for many weeks to come.


Excited to be bringing innovation and a new level of quality to the pre-packed sliced meats category has the team at Farmland full of energy.  As the result of years of planning, development and testing Farmland is releasing two completely new ranges onto the market both which have a unique appeal and market positioning. ‘Deli Cut’ is a premium line handcrafted from choice cuts featuring 100 percent NZ Angus Pure beef and some new exciting flavours in pork and chicken. ‘Lunch Club’ is an everyday range of meats designed for convenience and provides great quality and flavour for shoppers looking for something extra.  Director of Sales and Marketing Garth Davis said with 10 flavours of Deli Cut and five in the Lunch Club these new ranges present something for everyone; from a premium entertaining platter with friends and family to a sandwich on the run. “It’s been a very exciting journey and has involved a huge number of passionate people both here in New Zealand and overseas. Some of the features we were looking for in these new ranges have not been done before so we really went the extra mile,” said Davis. With profiled edges, a new twin easy opening feature on all packs and some of the world’s finest printing technology used in the production of the Deli Cut range consumers will find the products a delight to use and securing the support of AngusPure is an additional assurance of the quality presented. Farmland prepares outstanding meats ready for every occasion. “We honour the meat, so you can too,” explained Davis. “Everyone’s needs are different but all appreciate quality so by us honouring the meat at every stage throughout production consumers have the ability to honour it in their own way.” Feedback from focus groups and other market professionals during the development has been extremely positive and a lot more is guaranteed as products launch with the onset of summer. Supplied in new ‘shelf ready trays’ these groundbreaking products are a welcome new addition to the category and will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign showing consumers the benefits and value that are there for the taking. As they say at Farmland… the tradition continues, and with the third generation now spearheading the business and developing products like these we can certainly agree.

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A. S. Wilcox and Sons Ltd was established in 1954 and has continued to grow and market potatoes, onions and carrots ever since, becoming an integral part of New Zealand’s agricultural industry. Today, Wilcox is a fourth generation, family owned and operated company, with a commitment to providing good, fresh, nutritious food from its fields to the table. Over time, the best growing areas have been selected to ensure top produce for consumers, crops are grown in Northland, Pukekohe, Matamata, Ohakune and Rakaia.

Wilcox is a very consumer-centric company, where consumer and overseas trends are monitored closely in order to develop and evaluate new products and packaging that may be suitable for the NZ consumer. The company also works closely with potato breeders and carrot/onion seed merchants to find unique and exclusive varieties that are suitable to NZ growing conditions and deliver superior tastes.

One of the key trends in today’s market is sustainability and as a family business with generations ahead, Wilcox invests in the health of its soil and environment, continually innovating and trialling new methods to ensure a strong holistic approach to the way they grow and produce potatoes, onions and carrots.

Recent innovations include Piccolos, bite-sized potatoes that deliver on taste and convenience, and also its Inca Gold which is currently only available in Countdown during the winter months.

Another key trend is snacking, and Wilcox has produced a new line of Beta Bites snacking carrots as a trial in selected Countdown stores. This product is destined for the snacking market and is driven by consumer desire for fresh, healthy snacking products.

Health and well-being continue to be a significant purchase motivator for consumers, and Wilcox’s challenge is to deliver fresh products in formats that highlights the natural benefits that exist. For example, a potato has more vitamin C than an apple and more potassium than a banana.


Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Pukekohe, south of Auckland lies the original homestead and fertile growing region of the Fresh Grower’s premium product range.

Originally a grandfather and father business, the Fong family’s dedication to fresh produce started in 1948 when Allan’s father, started growing a select range of crops. Joining the family business, Allan and his brother Colin, have continued to expand the range of vegetables to include a diverse range of specialty lettuces, with Baby Cos being the premium line. Other varieties include Bellaverde (Sweet Stemmed Broccoli or Slender Stems), a range of kale, fennel, Asian vegetables and some baby leaf salad mixes. Pro-actively adopting Integrate pest and Disease Management (IPM) programmes enable production of crops with nil or minimal pesticide residues. Its produce is harvested at the peak of perfection, then hand-packed, in the field. This guarantees the quality premium product is brought to the consumer as consistently as weather allows most of the year. With this heritage, it is the aim of The Fresh Grower to be leading the demand for vegetables that excites and stimulates the palate of its consumers.

Year-round vegetables available include; Baby Cos, Caesar Romaine, Kale, Mini Sweet Cabbage, Bellaverde Stems, Baby Silverbeet, Shanghai Bok Choy, Baby White Pak Choy, Red Butter, Green Butter, Red Frill, Green Frill, Kailaan, Kai Choy, Choy Sum, Fennel Lollo Biondi, Spinach Leaves, Spring Onion, Salad Mix, Batavia Lettuce and Cossack Red Kale. The company also produce various seasonal produce throughout Summer, Winter and Spring.


Green Meadows Beef has partnered with New Zealand’s much loved and renowned chef Michael Van de Elzen, and together they are creating a range of products in line with Van de Elzen’s Good From Scratch philosophy.

The Angus Beef and Beetroot Burgers were the first in the range to hit the shelves, quickly followed by Angus Beef and Beetroot Meatballs. Now stocked in nearly 100 stores, both products are performing incredibly well due to their unique composition; they’re 30% fresh vegetables.

Van de Elzen was drawn to the company not only because of the quality of the meat, but because Green Meadows Beef is a family business with strong values. He visited the family farm and being able to know exactly where the meat had come from, how it was raised and the processes it went through solidified the relationship; it was the best New Zealand could offer.

The 420-acre farm owned by the Carey family is in Coastal Taranaki, nestled under Mount Taranaki. All the beef is finished on the one farm, which is the perfect environment for the animal to eat grass pasture and grow naturally. The cool climate grass gives the meat outstanding flavour, colour and texture, and the cattle live a happy life in the open.

Green Meadows Beef and Van de Elzen have their sights set on creating other Good From Scratch products, including new burger flavours and snack foods, so keep an eye out for their range of innovative products over the coming months.

For more information contact or call 0800 632 333.