Treating Your Pooch For International Dog Day

Krispy Kreme, Doggie Doughnut

For International Dog Day, on the 26th of August, Krispy Kreme has globally launched limited edition Doggie Doughnuts to help dog owners celebrate their beloved pooches.

Partnered with Australian pet food manufacturers Huds & Toke, who specialise in pet treats better for dogs, dog parents can have a matching moment with their pups.

The Doggie Doughnuts are inspired by Krispy Kreme’s recent flavour launches in New Zealand, including Original Glazed, Choc Sprinkles, Choc Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles, Oreo, and a Doggie Doughnut exclusive: Choc Cookie.

These pawsome Doggie Doughnuts are available to order as a six-pack for NZ$14.95 at the nearest Krispy Kreme Store, or customers can order online.