Vegan Sausage Awards 2023

Vegan Sausage Award

The Vegan Sausage Awards will be held in Auckland at the end of June, with two new categories. 

Registration for the 5th annual Vegan Sausages Awards is now open, with two new categories including Deli Meats for Pastrami and Deli Meats Other, with the option between choosing winners amongst makers of vegan pastrami, ham, bacon, cutlets, turkey slices, and any other available in New Zealand. 

Global entries are welcomed. However, global entries must be purchasable in New Zealand.  

For vegan sausage or deli meat makers, the competition is a chance to register and win a category with the potential to receive the Supreme Sausage Award. 

Registration is open until June 15th.  

For more information, click here.