Zero Sugar Hydration with Gatorade

Gatorade is expanding its range with the launch of Gatorade No Sugar, a sports drink that helps active Australian’s rehydrate with fluids and replenish essential electrolytes, with none of the sugar.

This addition to the Gatorade portfolio has been developed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, which is backed by more than 50 years of research in sports hydration and nutrition. “When you become dehydrated by even two-per-cent of your body weight*, it can impact your exercise performance and focus," said Gatorade Brand Manager Eric Burke.

“We’re delighted to provide a new sports hydration product for those that are looking for a no sugar option."

PepsiCo ANZ, the makers of Gatorade, has a long-standing commitment to offering consumers a wide range of great tasting products with an emphasis on no and low sugar. In 2018, the company joined the Australian Beverages Council pledge to commit to reducing sugar across the industry on average, by 20% by 2025.

Wendy Jeffrey, Nutrition Scientist at PepsiCo ANZ, said the company is thrilled to introduce a ‘better-for-you’ sports drink option.

“Gatorade No Sugar targets a new type of active consumer who trains at low to moderate intensity while original Gatorade is more suited to longer duration and higher intensity activity. The Gatorade range is backed by science and is individually tailored to meet the needs of all consumers from the gym goer to the elite athlete. Gatorade is designed to accelerate rehydration and enable consumers to perform at their best," said Jeffrey.

The new range is available in three delicious flavours - Glacier Freeze, Berry & Orange in 600ml.

Gatorade No Sugar is available now for RRP $3.65 in Coles and the P&C channel. The product will be available for purchase in all channels nationally from April.