At House of Dumplings, every dumpling is carefully handmade from scratch, from the pastry to the sauces. The food is flavoured using only fresh herbs, spices and seasoning. No MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring can be found in the range, and at least 90% of the packaging is biodegradable.

“We believe this process was not meant to be a short cut. You can taste the handmade texture in every mouthful. We love getting our ingredients from local producers that are only an hour’s drive from us, and knowing that all our produce can be traced back to an individual farm. We are aware of the environmental cost of our food, and we try our best to minimise the impact on our planet,” owner Vicky Ha said.

Ha, a self proclaimed ‘Dumpling Queen’, grew up in Hong Kong where she learned to make dumplings from her mother. Having spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the art of making dumplings, she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. House of Dumplings has four frozen packs available along with two homemade sauces, Mum’s Sauce and Chilli Oil.

“We believe our dumplings will satisfy your taste buds as well as your body. Dumplings are a fulfilling and convenient way to feed everyone, the ultimate comfort food,” Ha said.

For more information contact Vicky Ha on 027 302 3309.