Uniting Global Food & Beverage Stakeholders

FHA Food & Beverage
FHA Food & Beverage

FHA-Food and Beverage 2023, slated for April 25 to 28, is set to unite global food and beverage stakeholders at the Singapore EXPO, emphasising sustainability and education. With 68 group pavilions and 1300 exhibitors, including the return of the China Pavilion and newcomers from Finland and Uruguay, the event showcases international diversity. Janice Lee, Event Director, emphasises the industry's resilience post-COVID.

The FHA Seminar spotlights Halal business and addresses local and global Halal food and beverage concerns. Sustainability takes centre stage with sessions on achieving a zero-carbon footprint, ESG standards, and regenerative agrifood systems. Innovative zones feature sustainable food solutions, including the launch of the world's first plant-based egg yolk substitute.

Notably, FHA-Food & Beverage 2023 pioneers sustainability with a zero-waste booth pilot crafted from upcycled materials. Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director of the Singapore Tourism Board, underscores the industry's shift towards sustainability.

The event also prioritises environmental responsibility by recycling wood, paper, aluminium, and glass waste and converting used cooking oil into bio-diesel fuel.

FHA-Food and Beverage 2023 fosters the future of the food and beverage industry through the Young Talents Escoffier competition, providing a platform for culinary talents under 25. Education remains paramount, with local students invited to engage in the event's activities.

For food enthusiasts, the Beer Yard at FHA-Food and Beverage offers an exclusive outdoor beer and networking zone featuring live music and craft beers. In collaboration with the Singapore Nightlife Business Association, the Bar Hop extends discounts at partnering bars.

Whether you're a food and beverage professional seeking innovation and connections, a sustainability advocate, or a food enthusiast, FHA-Food and Beverage 2023 promises inclusivity and diverse activities catering to all interests.

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