Sial China Pre-Registration Open Now!

SIAL 2022 International Food Exhibition (Shanghai), co-sponsored by French Gaomei Exhibits Group, China Chamber of Commerce, and Beijing Aibo Xiya Exhibition Co., Ltd. - one of the three major food exhibitions in the world, the annual world food exhibition The whole industry chain conference officially opened the online pre-registration platform for professional audiences.

ID is very important!

According to the safety requirements of the Ministry of Public Security for epidemic prevention and protection, real-name authentication is still required during the pre-registration process of the 2022 exhibition. Please make sure that the ID number filled in is the same as your own name.

Visiting Instructions

2022.05.18 9:00-17:00

2022.05.19 9:00-17:00

2022.05.20 9:00-16:00

*The exhibition is a professional trade exhibition, and minors under the age of 18 and non-food and beverage industry professionals are not allowed to enter!

*All personnel entering the exhibition hall must adopt the entry method of "with the application code + temperature measurement + brushing the original ID card", please be sure to bring your ID card!

Free on-site ¥199 tickets, monthly online lottery

More chances to win thousands of dollars on the spot

In order to better maintain the professionalism, trade, and internationality of the exhibition, the organizer will adopt the method of purchasing ¥199 tickets for on-site admission from 2022.

All pre-registered spectators will still get in for free!

Pre-register today to:

1. The 199 yuan SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shanghai) on-site ticket fee is waived

2. On-site pre-registration to receive badges, efficient and safe

3. Through "SIAL Business Opportunity Online", make an appointment with your favorite exhibitor in advance

4. Participate in the pre-registered audience lottery on the spot to win a thousand-yuan "hao" gift

5. Get the latest information about the exhibition in advance

Wechat terminal pre-registration exclusive benefits

Pre-registered viewers on WeChat can join the community every month and enjoy additional monthly lucky draws. Gifts are different every month, surprises are waiting for you to discover!

After each pre-registered audience wins the lottery, they will not be able to enjoy the next round of the community lottery draw, and the audience who did not win the lottery can continue to draw the lottery!

Pre-register now and join the community.