Trident’s artistic, vibrant and healthy take on one of the more boring and unwholesome products on supermarket shelves is going to challenge everyone’s perception on what a cup noodle should be.

The entire range is gluten-free, low in fat and sugar and comes in three deliciously authentic flavours; Vietnamese Style Pho Chicken, Vietnamese Style Pho Beef and Thai Style Creamy Tom Yum.

Trident is committed to bringing authentic flavours from the streets of Asia for New Zealanders to enjoy at home. Pho Chicken has a light, fragrant broth with flavours of coriander and basil, Pho Beef has a broth infused with the rich flavours of basil and soy. And the heat dial is turned up with Thai-style creamy Tom Yum, which is an authentic spicy, tangy soup made with chilli, spring onion and kaffir lime.

Trident Rice Cup Noodles are a convenient meal option for busy, health-conscious people as they only require boiled water to cook and are ready in four minutes. Consumers no longer have to stand for boring noodles with ugly bright yellow packaging. Once they try Trident’s deliciously cool noodles, they can finally say, “I love eating cup noodles.”