As the consumer continues to become more eco-conscious so too must the industry. Consumers are now beginning to demand eco-friendly packaging and labelling before they buy a product. Here are some tips to consider new designing a new label:

Natural Colours

Colour is considered to be a significant sales technique, so it makes sense to portray an eco-conscious product with natural colours. Green is an obvious choice but also consider colours such as blue, white and even shades of brown.


It is crucial for a successful launch that the correct language is used. Consider terms (if applicable) such as; organic, green, natural, free from, recyclable, biodegradable and fair trade.

A Green Label

Plastic labelling is no longer a popular option with the consumer. Companies should consider alternatives to plastic such as; paper, cardboard, sugarcane, starch, recyclable adhesives or even stone.

360° Displays

Customers are demanding more transparency from brands which means that now more than ever more information is required on a label. This demand is prompting more space efficient designs that can hold the required information; such as full 360-degree displays and fold out designs.


Certifications are proving to be a driving force for customers when choosing what products to buy. Biogro and Rainforest Alliance certifications are popular with customers as are compostable and recyclable indicators.