Frucor’s hugely successful V product that dramatically built sales reputation when it first launched as a single line energy beverage, has now been joined by a number of fresh variants that are also proving winners. This year, the company has added four new V variants – V Carnival in March, V Jono and V Ben in August and last month the instantly popular V Zero. This latest product in the “better for you” category is targeted at the consumer demand for a zero sugar energy drink.

The launch in March of V Carnival was an early outstanding success with sales of over $1.3m in the grocery and oil channels in its first 13 weeks and has been building strongly since, according to Assistant Brand Manager Ashleigh Anderson.

The V Jono and V Ben more recent launches interestingly used ATL support before they hit retail and gave positive product awareness and a high level of in-store activation with the strong retail support.

“The launch last month of V Zero with its full clean, crisp taste of V green, is also getting strong retail support and high level of consumer take-up from both regular V drinkers and those who had left the energy drink category,” she said.

Frucor makes the point that energy product consumers in the 18-34 age-group tended to change flavours quite frequently to avoid boredom and they expect constant innovation and are always looking for the next big thing. Frucor is constantly working on new products to drive excitement and engagement, and have told its retailers to “watch this space…”.