Good For You, Good For The Planet

Global trends in the wellbeing category have inspired food and beverage product development, with ingredients coming through to enable these innovations. A diverse range of products is coming through R&D this year, incorporating functional ingredients, formulation changes and the use of technology to solve product development challenges.

Globally life isn’t getting any easier. The challenges that we were optimistic about rising to meet in 2020 have made some more resilient and others much worse off.

Two years on, the opportunities for some have been the death knell for others. This turbulent landscape has changed how business views the world and how consumers view the products served up to them.

Substantial investment in technology has been the mainstay of f&b manufacturing success stories. Ideas that seemed outlandish two years ago now look almost commonplace. The ability to collaborate and quickly adapt food production has become virtually commonplace as companies swiftly pivot to meet the mercurial COVID-19 headwind of change.

So what’s ahead?

Depending on where you look and which research data you follow, there seems to be a fair consensus, which we have summed up in our top three to watch.

Tech to Table

Technology is at the forefront of product innovation, and never more prevalent than in the f&b sector. It has contributed to the arrival on shelf of a wide range of new products such as cellular-based foods and protein derivatives. Expect to see more tech to table innovations as the year progresses. 

Personalise My Food

Personalisation is the buzzword of 2022 as consumers consider their food reflective of their own personal brand. Food is no longer simply food, no longer about consumption. Instead, brands are expected to create connections and reflect consumers’ personal and social beliefs and values.

Plant-Based Innovation

Next-generation plant-based foods, nutrition, and sustainability will play an even more significant role this year. A growing percentage of consumers believe plant-based options are healthier and better for the planet. This year will continue to see the rise in plant-based innovation and sustainability. Expect to see a surge in plant-based products on shelf as manufacturers fine-tune the taste and mouthfeel of plant-based products.