Honey isn’t all that bees make. Also producing a compound called propolis, a sticky, resinous substance collected from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources, and also known as bee glue, propolis offers a wealth of health benefits.

Grin Natural are harnessing the power of New Zealand made propolis in their 100 per cent natural toothpaste while employing a ‘no nasties’ philosophy.

Propolis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Nowadays, propolis is still used medicinally but its popularity has grown, and is now found in many personal care products, especially when it comes to oral hygiene.

And with good reason. Studies have shown propolis is effective in preventing dental decay and improving oral health.

Nutritionist Larissa Beeby said more Kiwis need to pay closer attention to which ingredients are in the products we use and foods we consume.

“Just like how I eat mainly whole food foods, natural products and NZ made where possible, I feel the same about the beauty products I use. I would encourage more Kiwis to check the ingredients in their current toothpaste and beauty products and if your grandma doesn't recognise it you probably shouldn't use it,” said Beeby.

Not all propolis is the same. The composition and associated health benefits of propolis varies geographically, depending on the vegetation the bees have access to. This means New Zealand’s rich and lush vegetation makes the propolis produced here even more unique.

Grin Natural marketing manager Tara Tan said as a natural yet effective product, New Zealand propolis was a natural choice in Grin toothpaste.