NWBCA Top 30 – Peckham’s Cider

Peckham's Cider

Created by Alex and Caroline Peckham 13 years ago, Peckham’s Cider reflects a passionate quest to make authentic cider from proper cider apples.

Peckham’s ciders explore the exciting possibilities of what cider can be, driven by their orchard of 30 different cider varieties, the wild ferments in their cidery, and both traditional and innovative cider-making techniques.

Over lockdown the small bubble team manage to harvest and press a bumper crop of cider apples from 6,000 trees.

The brand releases around 25 different ciders each year, each exploring different cider varieties and styles. Its next cider release will be Solstice 2019, a warming, rich cider caramelised over a wood fire, then aged in oak for 10 months – celebrating mid-winter.

“We hope that customers are increasingly seeking out and appreciating the complexity and depth that can be found in an authentic, well-crafted cider,” said Caroline Peckham.

Peckham's Cider