Got Questions or Concerns for the Grocery Commissioner/ComCom?

Want to have your say? Have a question for Comcom or Grocery Commissioner?

The recent attendance by the new Grocery Commissioner at the FGC conference has raised some questions from suppliers. Here at SupermarketNews, we have received many requests for us to put some questions to the Commerce Commission and, of course, of the new Grocery Commissioner, Pierre van Heerden. We are interested in hearing the perspectives of others. By posing questions that reflect the diverse perspectives within the industry, suppliers can actively contribute to developing policies that benefit all stakeholders.

We encourage suppliers to submit their questions/opinions anonymously through us. The deadline for submitting questions is Thursday 23 November EOD. Please have your say; let's make sure that everyone involved understands the concerns of suppliers and the ramifications to consumers.

Q's for ComCom / Grocery Com