"You’ve heard it a million times – you need to eat more vegetables, particularly your greens. In Australia, this adage appears to be ringing true, particularly in the area of Asian Vegetables. In the year ending 28 January 2017, Nielsen Homescan data showed that volume sales for Asian vegetables jumped by 22% versus the previous year, while dollar sales jumped by 17%.

Asian Vegetables including (but not limited to) Pak Choi, Bok Choy, Choy Sum, Chinese Cabbage/Wom Bok, Gai Choy and Chinese Broccoli can be found in one-in-three (34.5%) Australian homes. Asian vegetables are purchased around five times per year on average, with shoppers spending $2.92 each time. Category growth has been boosted by an increase in all of these key consumer metrics over the past 12 months.

Households in New South Wales and Victoria are the biggest consumers of Asian vegetables - accounting for almost two-thirds of total dollar sales (64%) for the category. Asian vegetables are particularly popular among smaller households (1-2 people), with this group of consumers representing just under half of sales.

Non-supermarkets i.e. greengrocers and specialty Asian stores account for 37% share of the total volume of Asian vegetables sold, however, sales in this channel declined by -5% in the past 12 months. Conversely, the supermarket channel is gaining ground with most of the key banners posting strong volume and dollar sales growth for Asian vegetables over the past year.

There is room to drive volume growth further by encouraging a greater supply of Asian Vegetables to mainstream retailers and attracting new consumers who wouldn’t typically shop outside of a supermarket. Promoting the benefits of Asian Vegetables in terms of ease of preparation and cooking and versatility of use in many dishes will help to remove trial barriers for new consumers."

By Ben Heyhorn, Client Service Analyst, Nielsen