Prioritising Quality 


With the upcoming summer season, summer fruit vinaigrettes make a perfect addition to salads, adding an extra zing flavour to every meal. Owner of Heavensent Gourmet, Louise Pinfold-Burton, said that homemade condiments were the best. 

"However, most of us don't have the time or the required ingredients in our cupboards even when we do have the time," said Pinfold-Burton. 

Pinfold-Burton uses the finest ingredients, largely hand-picked New Zealand fruits, wild herbs, and extra virgin oil from well-established Mediterranean growers and prepares each dressing traditionally without any compromises to meet modern volume food manufacturing processes. 

Heavensent Gourmet was created to serve the market with products that cater to the need and desire for high-quality, healthy dressings and sauces, each of which can also be adapted as a marinade. Crafted in small and micro-batches, the primary focus is consistently on the quality and versatility of the range.

Quality is always prioritised over quantity.

"Quality is always prioritised over quantity." 

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