Jason Ross, Gerard Hickey and Greg Evans teamed up in 2003 to work on a meat company. With a strong focus on their ethical values and sustainable supply chains, First Light Foods is the only company offering Wagyu beef for retail in New Zealand. With a concise product line of only five SKUs, First Light Foods produces only the best meat products. Their line consists of sausages, burgers, rump, porterhouse and ribeye. Within these lines, First Light Foods has a wide portfolio of products - from high end steaks to small convenient goods, there is an option for every Kiwi consumer.

Setting their meats apart from the rest of the market was important to First Light Foods, although they call their New Zealand farms 'an unfair advantage'. Offering the only 100% grass-fed wagyu beef in the world, First Light Foods are already one step ahead in the premium sphere. The steak range is aged 21 days, and presented in a Vacuum Skin Pack Tray, which provides a healthy 3 week shelf life. The other way First Light Foods are getting ahead of the competition is the excellent conditions and stress-free life of their animals which provides the best tasting meat.

First Light Foods has been a top-selling brand overseas for several years, but they're about to launch on the home front for New Zealand consumers. Stockists include Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson's and selected New World stores. With sales known three years in advance, First Light Foods' farmers (who own 50% of the company) know exactly how many animals are needed ahead of time - a number which is growing rapidly.