American agricultural conglomerate, Cargill has developed an aquaculture innovation centre in Indonesia. Specially designed to work with local freshwater fish farmers, the centre will help to inform and raise farming and feeding standards in the country.

Following 12 such centres already operating around the world, the Technology Application Centre, located in Ciseeng, Parung-Bogor, will bring the best global aquaculture practices and experts to the region. The facility will offer training in feeding and management practices to local freshwater farmers. Covering one hectare, the facility has eight large ponds and a set of closed cement tanks for trails of freshwater fish such as catfish, tilapia, pangasius and carp.

Cargill’s managing director Chad Gauger said “Freshwater aquaculture in Indonesia is showing strong growth thanks to increasing demand for seafood in the country. This innovation centre will support the development of the freshwater aquaculture industry by educating and training farmers on how to improve their productivity and income.”

The aquaculture conglomerate saw a rise of 5 per cent to $114.7 billion this year.