cinnamon coca cola bottle

Coca-cola famously embraces the holiday spirit, and they're ready for Christmas already with the new Cinnamon flavour of Coke Zero Sugar. The limited edition beverage was released following the success of previous flavours in the Zero Sugar range, such as peach earlier this year.

"Since launching Coca-Cola zero sugar, we’ve introduced an exciting addition of new flavours to the range," said Alec Mellor, marketing manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain. "We hope our current fans and those looking to try a new flavour will love [Coke Zero Cinnamon]. It’s a drink full of festive flavour and no sugar, perfect for the lead up to Christmas."

It's been noted that the Cinnamon flavour has been released during peak pumpkin spice season in the U.S. and may be targeting the same market segment in the U.K.

The drink is already available in the U.K., where it can be bought in 500ml or 1.25L bottles.