Frozen Ice cream brand Arctic Zero is set to release a new plant-based, non-dairy ice cream range into the U.S. market. Instead of using milk the ice cream contains faba bean protein and is sweetened using monk fruit and organic cane sugar.

The new line currently features nine flavours; Chocolate peanut butter, cookie shake, salted caramel, purely chocolate, brownie blast, cookie dough chunk, hint of mint, cake batter and cherry chocolate chunk. Each flavour only contains 70 to 90 calories per serving with only 1.5g or less of fat present.

Amit Pandhi, CEO of Arctic Zero said that Arctic Zero was initially created to cater towards customers with dietary requirements who didn’t want to eat ice cream with the added junk.

“True to our founding promise, our new plant-based Arctic Zero Non-Dairy contains the cleanest, premium ingredients we could source including faba bean protein. We’re confident our long-time fans also are going to love the change. Arctic Zero Non-Dairy pints have a much stronger, richer flavour that wows and a creamier texture.”

To achieve the plant-based dessert, Arctic Zero experimented with a variety of premium natural proteins. The frozen treats will be released firstly in Publix stores in Florida and then throughout the U.S. at the end of the year.