An Award Winning Partnership

Lidl Ireland

IRE | Lidl Ireland has announced a collaboration with Ireland's leading coffee and tea company, Bewley's. The partnership will see the iconic tea makers supply Lidl stores nationwide under the retailer's award-winning brand, Fallon's Tea.

Lidl and Bewley started working together more than ten years ago, a journey that has successfully contributed to developing Lidl's expanding Fallon's Tea range. Bewley's has worked closely with Lidl Ireland to reformulate the taste, flavours and aromas of Lidl's brand tea blends, creating the perfect range of Fallon's tea bags at an affordable price.

Lidl's partnership with Bewley's in reformulating and redesigning Fallon's range offers excellent taste and quality at an affordable price. It makes Fallon's teabags biodegradable when placed in the food-waste bin.

Commenting on the reformulations in collaboration with Bewley's, Rebecca Buchanan, Senior Buyer, Lidl Ireland, said that Lidl Ireland strives to work with trusted Irish brands and local producers to bring customers the highest quality, affordable products.

"We are delighted to work alongside Bewley's and their team on our new reformulated Fallon's Tea range, innovating and curating the perfect blends through numerous rounds of tea tasting, encompassing their leading craftsmanship into our products."

Working with Bewley's to reformulate the range of Fallon's in the last year has contributed to notable awards that recognise these products' quality and great taste. Lidl Ireland is confident its new Fallon's Tea blends will be a massive hit with its tea-drinking customers nationwide, as it is proud of the awards achieved to date.

Commenting on the long-standing relationship with Lidl, Mary McBride, Head of Retail, Bewley's Tea and Coffee Ltd., said that Bewley's was happy to work with Lidl to re-develop their range of Fallon's tea bags. Working with one of Ireland's leading retailers has been an exciting project for the Bewley team, and they look forward to continuing a lengthy partnership for many years to come.