Baby Food Brand Grows Rapidly

Capitalising on the growing trend of meals direct to consumer delivery boxes, Mamamade, the first-ever organic, plant-based baby meal subscription service in the UK has witnessed a 63 percent sales growth, after adding a much-desired Toddler Range to its portfolio.

The Toddler Range launched in response to community feedback for mealtime support once children grow out of baby meals - so even on the busiest of days, parents can be confident they’re providing a healthy and complete meal that is freshly cooked, not processed.

Available via the Mamamade website, the Toddler Range consists of both a selection of full Toddler Meals - family favourites like kale pesto pasta and shepherd's pie, alongside a collection of Toddler Finger Foods - including healthier snacks disguised as sweet treats, such as cacao brownies and blueberry ‘muffin’ bites.

The all-natural meals are freshly flash-frozen, so nutrients are locked in - perfect for parents concerned about boosting their child's immune system, particularly during the pandemic.

Mamamade meal boxes are available via a subscription or one-off purchase and can be ordered digitally via the website, directly delivered door-to-door.

“With our latest Toddler Range we wanted to expand our product range to encompass a larger age group of children who are able to eat and enjoy our meal boxes. We observed how much the subscription meal box market was taking off for adults, and saw a gap here in terms of these being available for babies & toddlers," said Sophie Baron, founder of Mamamade.

"There’s no doubt most parents are on a constant mission to manage work, life, and parenthood all at the same time. We want to make it easier for parents to be able to feed their children what they need nutritionally and to suit development, without taking up hours of time every day. We hope that our 35,000 strong community of Mamamade lovers and new fans of the brand enjoy the Toddler Range as much as we did developing it.”