Bugsolutely has launched a snack made with silkworm powder – a world first. The product, Bella Pupa is made with 20 percent silkworm powder and is claimed to be the first edible insect product of its kind to be made in China.

With edible insect products, including cricket powder, increasing in popularity recently, the company’s goal was to create a product that made use of the 500,000 tonnes of silkworms produced in China each year. Bella Pupa was created in partnership with Mill Food Intelligence.

The snack will be available in two flavours, Original and Angry Sichuan – both containing a balance between fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein.

“We are really excited, after one year of R&D, we have a yummy snack with very good nutritional values,” said Massimo Reverberi, Bugsolutely founder.

“The taste is really good, and the market potential for this product is definitely high. It can also leverage the fast growth of the snack category in China,” said Loris Li, associate director at Mintel.