Coca-Cola Amatil has created a new cap design for Powerade Australia. The new Sylon Sports closure uses the same high-density polyethene to form the cap improving the recyclability. Previously the cap was made using two types of plastic making it more difficult to recycle. Coca-Cola had been importing bottle closures from Europe however due to short global supply began creating and testing the new cap in Sydney. Not only does the cap enhance it recycling capabilities but has also proven to be more cost effective as the company itself can manufacture it.

“We believe the closure is an Aussie-manufacturing success story. Our Packaging Services Division team at Eastern Creek took the initiative and designed, tested and prototyped a closure cap which is more cost effective, better for the environment and will be made in Western Sydney,” said Alison Watkins, group managing director, Coca-Cola Amatil. Coca-Cola plans to produce more than 120 million Sylon Sports caps each year to distribute across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papa New Guinea.