Coca-Cola has developed a vending machine in China that allows customers to return used bottles and cans. The machine dispenses Coca-Cola products as an incentive to recycle. Facial recognition is also a feature of the machine, and it has an interactive voice system that is believed to make the purchase and recycling of Coca-Cola drinks more efficient and a better, more intelligent experience.

When customers return used bottles or cans to the machine, they receive credit that is sent through mobile devices and can be used in exchange for beverages or items made from the plastic that is recycled.

“We envision a system that allows vending machines to also collect used packaging. It will help enhance recycling awareness among consumers and nurture recycling habits,” said Shell Huang, vice president of research and development at Coca-Cola Asia Pacific.

“VenCycling is an innovation for the company to achieve our global vision for sustainable packaging. We will use our business efficiency to contribute to sustainable development in China,” said Jiantao Zhang, Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea vice president.

The company is excited that innovations such as its VenCycling can help to collect and recycle almost all its packaging by 2030, in support of Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste vision.