Jan Bredack, founder of Veganz

The world’s greenest supermarket is drowning in red ink. Founded in 2011 by repentant meat-eater Jan Bredack, German brand Veganz was launched as the world’s first fully-vegan grocery chain. Over the following years, the company has opened in eight more locations, including Vienna and Prague, but its success was not to last.

Veganz was allegedly forced to file for bankruptcy last month due to a lack of demand, and it is now likely to scale down its operations in a bid to survive. Even though the company denied its bankruptcy on FB, the future looks much less promising than expected five years ago, when Veganz was planning to open 60 stores and expand to the US. Today, at least four out of eight stores are set to shut down, while the others will be remodelled.

Veganz founder blamed the growing supply of vegan produce for the downturn, saying “the model of the vegan supermarket outstripped itself.”

The truth is, the chain has never become profitable, despite the increased consumer focus on healthy diets. As a matter of fact, the overall trend toward vegan lifestyles has led to an ever-growing offering of healthy food in ‘regular’ supermarkets, rendering Veganz unexpectedly obsolete.