More and more supermarkets chains are beginning to experiment with driverless delivery options as supermarkets look towards the future. Recent announcements from Kroger and Walmart have seen both of the major supermarket chains start trialling driverless cars. Walmart has adopted driverless cars that will pick up and deliver a customer to retrieve their groceries, while Kroger has been trialling a driverless vehicle that delivers groceries directly to a customer’s door.  In what is considered to be the next step in grocery distribution technology, Magway has started the process of taking its distribution system underground. Mass-subterranean linear motor-based distribution systems are set to streamline distribution, allowing for faster deliveries, higher volumes of product and more cost-effectiveness. With the World’s population only set to grow and road congestion set to increase, taking distribution underground seems to be the only viable option. “A mass-subterranean linear motor-based distribution system is something that will transform supply chains for the next 100 years,” said Magway Co-Founder Phill Davies.