Kroger develops streamlined payment option

Kroger Pay and Kroger Rewards are Kroger Co.’s latest developments aimed at streamlining customer payment and loyalty information.

Global trends indicate that 2019 will see the importance of consumer loyalty increase as people become more conscious of the origins of their food and whether or not it had been obtained ethically. If a store meets consumer standards, customers are likely to return. Kroger Pay introduces a way in which their loyal customers can speed up checking out while gaining loyalty points, all in one go. Kroger believes that Kroger Pay reduces checkout time and creates a more frictionless experience for store associates and customers by offering a one-step payment solution. Kroger Pay can be used in regular checkout lanes and self-checkout stations and can be linked to any significant debit, credit or prepaid card. Mary Ellen Adcock, group vice president of operations at Kroger, said, “Kroger Pay is one of the few mobile wallets that pairs loyalty and payment. The application of this exciting technology is another stope in our front-end experience transformation.”

Kroger has developed a way in which customers can save themselves time and money; on top of that, they are simultaneously encouraging customer loyalty. Kroger Pay is currently available at its Columbus, Ohio, division, with plans to go nationwide by the end of the year.