Leading The Micro-Retail Space

Juxta Nomad

JUXTA, a global technology and micro-convenience retail company launched in August, has released further details highlighting how the brand’s industry-transforming, portable, rapidly deployable, autonomous Nomad micro-store offers the most profitable 264 square feet (24.5 square meters) micro-retail space in the world. 

JUXTA developed the Nomad to optimise revenue for operators in the EV charging ecosystem by enabling them to autonomously retail convenience goods and amenities to drivers and passengers waiting for their vehicles to charge. The Nomad is also an ideal solution to generate revenue across various retail opportunities, including festivals, student campuses and tourist attractions. A fully assembled JUXTA Nomad can be installed and operational in just 12 hours for $250k, a cost 1/10th of a typical American convenience store.

Alongside this low initial capital outlay, the JUXTA Nomad offers a short earn-back period of as little as three years. An exceptionally high return on investment further augments these benefits. Operating around the clock, the unstaffed Nomad can deliver operating margins up to five times greater than that of a traditional convenience store.  

JUXTA’s data projects operating margins for a Nomad servicing an EV charging station of 10-18 percent compared with 2-5 percent for a brick-and-mortar facility located on a traditional petrol/gas station. As Nomads operate autonomously, requiring only occasional visits from staff to restock items and carry out cleaning, monthly wages and other benefits expenses fall dramatically to the local rates, times a few hours per week. 

Without staff onsite, there is no requirement for a sales counter, ensuring that the store's interior can be optimised for retail space to deliver the top 500 best-selling products to consumers everywhere. Through JUXTA’s BI dashboard derived from the store’s rich data, operators benefit from effortless access to comprehensive real-time data, enabling them to monitor which items perform best, further empowering them to optimise their retail strategy.

“Armed with real-time data, business owners can eliminate slow-moving products and remotely optimise their retail strategy through highly flexible, ultra-precisely targeted offers depending on important local patterns and factors,” revealed Steve Liguori, JUXTA Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

"The fusion of JUXTA's technology and store design ensures that capital can be optimised. Our design enables retailers to bring a targeted selection to locations closer to consumers, equivalent to bringing the top 10 percent of items from a traditional C-store the products responsible for roughly 70 percent of C-store sales and profits.”

JUXTA has successfully proven the efficacy of the hardware and software that underpins its transformative retail offer to the EV charging sector and beyond. The first consumers to experience the JUXTA Nomad were Renewal 2023 festival goers in Buena Vista, Colorado, last month. The Nomad's ability to travel and cater to high-demand yet remote locations was on full display as it served thousands of revellers 24 hours a day during the event. Consumers can also experience Nomad stores in Denver, Colorado, and Greensboro, North Carolina. Later this year, consumers will have access to four additional locations across the US. 

JUXTA is also in advanced negotiations with customers in Europe, where it will introduce its first Nomads in 2024.