Making Change Reality Through Collaboration

Albertsons, ESG

Albertsons Companies has released its 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, highlighting its ESG progress and reaffirming its commitments to fight food insecurity in local communities and embed sustainability practices across its operations.

"Our latest report further solidifies our long-standing commitment to supporting the thousands of communities we serve and the planet we share," said Vivek Sankaran, CEO of Albertsons Cos.

"In 2022, we made meaningful progress against our commitments, further aligning what we do with who we are as a company. We will continue challenging ourselves to lead positive change as we build upon this momentum to create better lives, vibrant neighbourhoods and a healthier planet."

In April 2022, Albertsons introduced its Recipe for Change framework, with strategies and goals designed to maximise the company's positive impact across four pillars: Planet, People, Product, and Community. Building on a history of community giving and sustainable operations, Recipe for Change deepens the company's commitments to reducing carbon emissions, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, eliminating food waste going to landfills, reducing unnecessary plastics and packaging and addressing food insecurity.

Suzanne Long, Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer at Albertsons said the progress the retailer saw in 2022 was only possible with the passion and dedication of its associates.

"Because of them, we made meaningful changes that improve business performance while reducing our emissions, building belonging with our team members, lessening food waste going to landfill and addressing food insecurity," said Long.

In the year ahead, Albertsons plans to expand its engagement for Recipe for Change, including partnering with our vendors to drive industry change and increasing customer involvement in achieving its goals. She added that Albertsons wants to make change a reality by bringing others along on its journey.

Highlights from the 2023 ESG Report for fiscal year 2022 (unless otherwise noted) include Albertsons' commitment to letting science and technology lead the way to reduce carbon emissions across its operations and value chain.

Albertsons has reduced carbon emissions in operations by 21 percent between 2019 and 2022 and has completed more than 1,100 energy efficiency projects in 2022 to reduce energy demand. Projects included installing LED lighting retrofits, doors on refrigerated cases, building management systems and more.

Albertsons also enabled 254 million meals through store food donations and Albertsons Cos. Foundation's Nourishing Neighbors program, totalling more than 950 million meals since 2019 and the retailer has raised more than $40 million through Nourishing Neighbors, enabling 188 million meals in 2022.