Australian grocer, Coles has launched a range of “unattractive” fruit and vegetables under the name of I’m Perfect in an effort to reduce food waste. The range includes apples, pears, oranges, lemons, onions, carrots and sweet potatoes.

“Our customers know that regardless of shape, size or any small cosmetic blemishes, Coles produce is fresh and bursting with flavour,” said Coles general manager of produce, Brad Gorman.

“So, when we were thinking how to package produce that looked a little less than perfect, we thought we’d celebrate the fact that great-tasting fruit and veggies come in all shapes and sizes. The I’m Perfect range will introduce our customers to millions of pieces of fruit and veg that they may otherwise never have met.”

The I’m Perfect range follows other food waste reduction initiatives such as Coles Brand banana products, like banana muffins and frozen banana pieces that are made using bananas that would otherwise have gone unsold.

“All of these products help reduce food waste and increase overall crop yields by utilising vegetable pieces that typically would not be sold at a retail level,” added Gorman.

For now, the new range is only available in Victorian and South Australian stores.