They’re considered top tea-time treats for the posh but now for the first time dainty macarons will be available for dogs. The luxury canine delicacies have been launched by Tesco and are not only hand-created but are also individually packed.

“More and more people are making sure the family pet doesn’t feel left out at Christmas and these macarons are aimed at them," said Tesco pet food product development manager Helen Coxon who helped devise the treats. 

“Macarons for humans are considered posh nibbles and the very best ones can cost nearly £30 for just 12. Of course these chunky macarons are made specifically for dogs and contain a dog-friendly yoghurt filling.These petite treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes so even smaller dogs can enjoy a gift from Santa Paws this year.”

The macarons are exclusively made for Tesco by Lincolnshire family-run pet food business based near Boston who grow the wheat that goes into pet biscuits.

The arrival of the luxury doggy treats comes as 54 per cent of millennial pet care buyers (aged 19-38) say they would cut back spending on themselves than their pet (Mintel data Oct 2018).

And 38 per cent of millennial pet food buyers say they are interested in buying human-style pet food.

Other seasonal canine treats on sale at Tesco this year include:

  • Handmade Mince Pies For Dogs – £2.50
  • Christmas Pudding Biscuits For Dogs – £2.50
  • Pigs In Blankets For Dogs – £1.25
  • Advent Calendar for Dogs - £2.50

In recent years Tesco has sold a mock alcohol-free Prosecco for cats called Pawsecco as well as an alcohol free beer for dogs called Bottom Sniffer.

“We’ve had great success since launching our Christmas pet range with novel, humanised products that bring fun at Christmas. This year we wanted to launch a product which is perfectly proportioned for smaller dogs as well as bringing even more elegance into the range.

“Judging by the soaring demand for posh pooch foodie treats like pigs in blankets and even mince pies the old saying ‘it’s a dog’s life’ may soon be redundant, at least for Christmas!”