Pringles Wants to Rename a Spider

In it's latest marketing campaign, Pringles is asking fans to help get a spider renamed due to its uncanny resemblance to the Pringles logo.

The Kidney Garden Spider looks just like Mr. P - from the slanted hairline to the beady eyes and even that signature ‘stache and the Kellogg’s brand hopes to put the little-known eight legged creature on the map. 

Pringles is calling on the public to sign its petition and get the arachnid community to officially recognise the Kidney Garden Spider as the Pringles Spider. The petition was started by the company and addressed to a number of spider-related organisations including the International Society of Arachnology, European Society of Arachnology, American Arachnological Society and Asian Society of Arachnology. 

Running from June 27 to October 31, fans can also ‘adopt’ a spider of their own and will receive an official certificate acknowledging the adoption. There are six spiders, Dave, Zadie, Donna, Sampson, Buster or Tallulah, to choose between.

The first 1500 US residents to sign the petition will also receive a free can of Pringles.

See @Pringles on social media for the fate of the small but mighty brand ambassador.