Supermarket First For Recyclable Own-Label Handwash

recyclable handwash

Aldi has become the first major UK retailer to offer fully recyclable own-label handwash packaging to reduce packaging waste.

The UK’s fourth-largest supermarket has removed the glass and metal components from the pumps, making its handwash packaging fully recyclable at home.

The move will allow over 200 tonnes of packaging material a year to be more easily recycled.

It is the latest move in Aldi’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact and develop more sustainable product packaging alternatives.

Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi said reducing waste was incredibly important to its customers and the supermarket.

“We will not stop looking for ways to improve our packaging to ensure shoppers know they are making more environmentally friendly choices when buying their everyday products,” stated Emery.

This announcement follows Aldi’s switch to cardboard packaging for its own-brand porridge pots and its rollout of the Podback recycling scheme at the end of last year.