Walmart Canada has announced a new sustainable online grocery delivery system that will run in Vancouver's metropolitan area. The global food giant partnered with Food-X Urban Delivery Inc which uses food waste reduction technology and reduces GHG emissions through limiting truck trips by consolidating orders and increasing diversity density.

The service is similar to other online delivery options. The customer orders their groceries online, pays via credit card and choose their delivery window. The order is then delivered in reusable tote bags as early as the next day.

“Consumers are seeking out options to save time and money, and Walmart is proud to offer more choices, including sustainable delivery,” said Daryl Porter, vice president of omnichannel operations and online grocery for Walmart Canada. “Our strategic collaboration with Food-X supports our belief that environmental and business sustainability go hand in hand. Food-X is a leader in sustainability in Vancouver, and we are proud to partner with a like-minded, environmentally conscious operation.”

The partnership with Walmart marks the first national customer for Food-X which is part of Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc.

Early this year Walmart Canada revealed the company’s three-part plan which would see them reach zero food waste by 2025. Walmart Canada operates 410 stores and serves more than 1.2 million customers daily.